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Who is Ashley Harlan? On July 24, 1983, Ashley was born in harlan’s household, to happy parents, David W. Harlan and Jeannie Harlan. She’s also a sister to Brandon and Brent. Harlan is the resident of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania (USA).

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Alma mater of Ashley Harlan; St. Francis University

Furthermore, Harlan grew up in a strict Christian family and was thus imbued with the values and practices of such. Being devoted to God gave her the liberation and gave her a sense of purpose for humanity.

On the other hand, Ashley received her formal education at Laurel High School. Similarly, after completing high school, the blonde enrolled at St. Francis University to obtain a degree in health sciences.

Ashley Harlan | Age, height and body dimensions

Born in 1983, the American is currently 36 years old. Similarly, Ashley is a considerably tall woman standing at a height of 5’10 ” (1.80 m), making her an ideal couple with the huge Ben, with an unknown weight measurement.

Although her body dimensions remain hidden, she is careful with her condition, as evidenced by her curvaceous property. Harlan is also photogenic for the camera and her stunning appearance allows models to easily run for their money.

Ashley Harlan | Career: Doctor (nurse)

For starters, Ashley was an avid sports enthusiast in college. As such, the Christian played softball, volleyball and basketball. That’s why it raises a question of what’s changed? How did she come to pursue a career as a doctor?

Despite being the winner of the WPIAL Class AA championship, nominated as an All-American, the Pennsylvania found solace among people. The instinct of nurturing and devotion to another life led her to study medicine.

The truth is that not everyone is out to be good at everything, and with contemplation about the future, a change of interest arose, and being a nurse made her a calling. Harlan now works as a physician assistant at Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Net worth | Salary and income sources

In particular, the doctor has so far raised a net worth of $500k. However, any further insight into her salary is kept out of the public’s eye. According to statistics, nurses in America earn $13 to $55 an hour every hour, depending on the level of service.

For this reason, Ashley’s income is within a range of $50k and $70k per year. In fact, one can regard the Christian as a fairly successful nurse in her company, and therefore her pay must be in considerable numbers, contrary to our estimates.n and Jeannie Harlan. She’s also a sister to Brandon and Brent. Harlan is the resident of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania (USA).