April Macie Bio, Net Worth, Age , Wikipedia

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April Macie Bio, Net Worth, Age , Wikipedia
April Macie

April Macie has both her good sense of humor and her good looks to thank for her newly discovered popularity. Born in Easton, Pennsylvania, April’s hypersexual humor brand has impressed audiences at comedy clubs across the country, and beat all the other contestants on the Last Comic Standing television contestant.

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Macie uses his own “dysfunctional” life to write hilarious material. According to NBC, he said, “Bad parents are the gift you keep giving. There’s nothing better than making a room full of people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine … right next to Prozac. Comedy is my defense mechanism.” “He also adds that his routine offers “a behind-the-scenes look at women’s views on sex. I try to break the double standard while giving voice to sexually dissatisfied women, and I also mix a small family dysfunction.”

The sexy redhead recently appeared on the Howard Stern Show, where she was cast as “the most fun comedian” and revealed that when she dated fellow comedian Mitch Fatel, he would make full-body bimonthly waxes and ask her to make her head-up . Watch the latest april Comic Standing appearance below: