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Who is Angie Janu? Angie Janu was born Angeline Dawn Beghe. She is known for Too Good to Be True (1997). She has been married to Jason Beghe since February 2000. They have two children.

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With her silky blonde hair and enchanting grey eyes, actress Angie Janu has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Janu is best known for her work in the film Too Good to Be True.

Already a star, her fame has risen to a new level after Angie married her husband, Jason Beghe. So besides being the wife of a superstar, what happens in Angie’s life? And how is it different from the glitz and glam of Hollywood? We’re going to get into all of these now.

Pretty Angie Janu has established herself as an actress in the entertainment world. Despite this, the actress did not disclose any of her information to the public.

“”Too good to be true” is probably in its fifties as his birthday is still being discussed. According to some sources, Janu was born in the mid-1960s.

Similarly, Janu has those lovely blond eyes and frizzy black hair. She is also known for dyeing her hair. Along with it, he has a wonderful figure; however, the measurements are unknown. It also includes its height and weight.

But some sources claim that Agnes is about 170 cm tall, judging by her online photos.

Life and training

Too Good to Be True Actress Angie Janu was born somewhere in the United States. American by nationality, he belongs to the North American ethnicity.

Similarly, Janu’s full name is Angeline Dawn Beghe. Unfortunately, there is little or no information about his parents and siblings.

The same goes for his educational background. No academic detail has been revealed to the public, which makes it more difficult for us to determine his qualifications.
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Unlike her husband, Jason, Janu did not have a successful career. Initially, Angie worked as a model and entered the glamorous world of Hollywood. The model was successful in her work until she decided to take part in acting as well.

Angie began her on-screen work from commercials before her big hit in 1997. In fact, the model-turned-actress got her big break from the movie “Too Good to Be True”, which was a huge success.

However, the success of the film did nothing good for Janu. Neither brought any more projects to her, nor did she help Angie become an actress. That said, the actress has not appeared in any TV series or movies.

It would be safe to say that Angie’s acting career stopped right there without any warning. He came and went just like that.
Angie Janu and Jason Beghe

It’s no secret that Angie is someone who failed after trying to do it in the film industry. Unfortunately, the former actress only came to prominence after marrying her husband, Jason Beghe.

For those who don’t know, Jason is a famous American actor who has been active in the industry since 1985. Unlike Janu, Beghe is a big problem in the film industry. It is not known when and where the couple first. But regardless, the duo managed to fall in love with each other.
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The duo are said to have been out for a couple of years before exchanging vows. Soon in February 2000, the beautiful couple married in an intimate wedding ceremony. Many of their friends and families attended their beautiful wedding.

Similarly, since their union, the couple have two beautiful children, Bix Beghe and Bo Beghe, who are 14 and 11 years old respectively. Unfortunately, their current location and condition is unknown at this time. The family of four lived a happy life that no one doubted would ever collapse.
Are Angie and Jason getting divorced?

Unlike her career in the entertainment industry, Angie’s love has been much discussed and discussed in the media. It’s because of her media that she came into the spotlight. Again, the couple’s press talked about the relationship; however, this time, it was for the wrong reasons. At the end of 2017, their bitter relationship caught many off guard.

Similarly, in December 2017, Beghe filed for divorce from his wife of 17 years. The duo have been living apart since 2015, just when Jason publicly criticized Scientology. Previously, the actor was a member of the Church of Scientology and participated in promotion activities.
Angie Janu’s divorce
Angie Janu and Jason Beghe are divorced