Anastasia Amoroso – Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan FUNDS

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Anastasia Amoroso - Global Market Strategist at J.P. Morgan FUNDS
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Who is Anastasia Amoroso?

Anastasia Lovelace is a global market strategist for the global market Insight Strategy team at J.P. Morgan FUNDS. previously, She managed multi-asset global tactical portfolios and performed investment due diligence at Merrill Lynch.

Harlan Levy: What do you think of these three possibilities for U.S. stock markets from now on: seeming robust and optimistic, winding, or like Wile E. Coyote, running to and from the cliff?

Love Anastasia: Meandering, probably but meandering superior. The main thing is that you will have the fork that is happening now next year. What I mean by that is that the actions that are delivering profit boost are also the actions they are surpassing. The actions that have had no moment of gains are certainly those that are deteriorating.

This is the contrast between anything connected to the American consumer who has done very well, whether of discretionary consumption or medical care or autos or house builders, for Example. You contrast this with the entire industrial complex that has been negatively impacted by the combination of lower oil prices, the highest dollar and the slower economic scenario. That contrast will probably continue.

H. L.: Where do you see the stock market next year?

A.: I think we’ll see a little higher levels for the S & P 500, But investors need to adjust their expectations, not close to two digits and maybe not even close to a high digit. I think average digits are what you’re looking for. That depends, of course, on the growth of Profits.


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