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Amy Corbett is one of the two judges of LEGO MASTERS USA who brings her many years of experience in LEGO design to the Build Room

LEGO MASTERS is bringing the competitive brick-making television series to the US for the first time. 20 LEGO builders face major challenges that drive their skills to the extreme. Someone needs to see how they’re doing, give advice and pick the winners weekly – and that’s Amy Corbett’s role.

Amy, who has just released the LEGO DOTS theme for which she is the design director, judges the competitors alongside design director Jamie Berard. The two swapped their offices in Billund for a Hollywood stage to take on their role as “Brick Masters”.

In this exclusive interview, Amy explains what is expected of the participants and what challenge she has enjoyed the most.

What is your background at LEGO Group?

I started LEGO in LEGO Friends seven years ago. It was pretty close to the launch of LEGO Friends, so we still established the brand and as a designer and I were there for a few years. I moved to The LEGO Movie 2 in the concept phase when the story was still in development and worked on some of the first products there.

Then I had the opportunity to become a design lead, and from then on I was Creative Lead at LEGO Disney and headed the team of the Disney line, the children-focused Disney products.

I moved from there to a small project called DOTS, which is now the big start we had this week. I have been working on this project in secret for two and a half years now. I’m the design leader in this project with a team of 10 designers, so it’s very exciting to finally share this week with the world. I had quite a trip at LEGO, where I had grown with IP (Intellectual Property) and with LEGO Friends myself, but something that had already begun, and now I’m working on starting something from scratch and starting it.

What are you looking for from the participants?

We had three main criteria that we used throughout the fair, so we always focused on what we were looking for in every challenge. That was always creativity. What ideas did the teams have to master the challenges, and how they creatively use the building blocks to shape these ideas, what technical skills did they have, how much experience did they have in dealing with the building blocks and how they could know how to drive the system forward and also know how to support these huge structures, then it would be storytelling, so how could they really bring the models to life through storytelling.

Above all, we wanted originality, we wanted to see things we had never seen before and we wanted to be surprised and excited every time. We were definitely throughout the competition.

Was there a challenge where the teams exceeded your expectations?

Different teams have their moments in different challenges. There’s always a team that really shows up and surprises us, then there are teams that are challenged with every challenge. We wanted to push them in different directions and always push them out of their comfort zones.

I think the challenge That I enjoyed the most was maybe the challenge when we asked them to design something that knows it’s blown up or exploded or destroyed. This has pushed many LEGO fans out of their comfort zone, which was quite surprising and interesting.

Have you ever built something to be destroyed?

I have to say that I have never built anything that is to be deliberately smashed, I have very often dropped things in the past and experienced a very tragic impact or destruction, but I have never built anything that is to be smashed. These are, of course, enormous challenges that we face every week for the teams. They are very different from some of the things we do in daily product development.

LEGO MASTERS will premiere on Fox in the US on Wednesday, February 5 at 9pm ET /10pm PT.

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