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Allie Stucky Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Allie Stucky?

Allie Beth Stuckey is a conservative American journalist Commentator. She is known for her blog, The conservative Millennial.

Childhood and education

Stuckey is originally from Dallas, Texas and grew up in a conservative family.

Stuckey Furman University, where he was a member of the Kappa Delta. She did Dean’s List all four years ago and made her graduation speech at her graduation Ceremony. Stuckey graduated in communication studies in 2014.


Early in his career, Stuckey was in PR and worked for the Business Black Box and See. Spark. Go, in addition to being the communications manager of Pure Barre.

In 2016, Stuckey began the conservative Millennial after being motivated by the “ridiculous state of American politics and culture.” The goal of the blog was to break the stereotypes of millennia being ignorant and conservatives being out of Touch. Your most popular problems include “Hey feminists, your hypocrisy is appearing” and “so, you want to call Trump?”

Stuckey contributes to TheBlaze and is a guest commentator for Fox News and Fox Business. besides, Stuckey talks regularly at Colleges.

Personal life

In 2011, Allie met Timothy Stuckey in a CrossFit class. At the time, she was working as a fitness instructor at the gym while he worked as a loan officer. The two clicked immediately, started dating officially after one date and were engaged after 6 months of Dating. When asked about what was the rush in their relationship, they simply replied that it seemed right. 4 months after the engagement, on her first anniversary of dating, the two married in a small ceremony in front of friends and Family.

Stuckey refrained from having sex before the wedding, saying that it was important for her to do the same as she accepted a promise ring from her father at a young age and did not want to break the vow of abstinence that made him and god.
They reside in Texas and have a black cat that they rescued and called Rachel McAtams.



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