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A renowned news correspondent, Alicia Acuna, works for the Denver-based Fox News Channel. She has been working for the station since 1997. It is known for the live coverage of the devastation caused by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, in 2013. She was born in the Usa and is American.

Early years of life

Alicia Acuna is a graduate of Northern Arizona University. She began her career as an editor. She was the runner-up to the AFTRA reporter of the year 1997, who left her impression in the media world. She also held a scholarship at CBS News’ national headquarters. In the beginning, she served various other channels.

Alicia Acuna worked as both a presenter and a reporter for KSEE-TV in Fresno, California. In 1997, she joined Fox News, based in Denver Bureau, as a news reporter. It helped cover the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver and the first presidential debate at the University of Denver in the 2012 Colorado election. She has covered the devastation caused by the Tornado I Moore in Oklahoma in 2013, which has made her more popular in media journalism.

Personal life

Alicia Acuna is a very secretive person and has not disclosed her personal information to the public. Sources, however, claim she has two children, daughters. However, she has not spoken about who the father is, whether she is married or divorced or sees someone. Her romantic life is a mystery. She currently lives with her family in Colorado. No information is available about her previous affairs or her friends, as she keeps her personal life out of the media spotlight.


Alicia Acuna is a confident and hard-working woman. She has accompanied live sessions from various locations throughout her career. She continues her efforts to stand out from the crowd in journalism. She is very passionate about her work. When she looks at her personality, she is elegant and appears very charming on the TV screen. She receives a very good salary for her work at the station and has a very good fortune.

Social media

Alicia is available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She is not very active, but usually he publishes the pictures of her in these media. Her biography on Wikipedia is not available, but details of her professional life can be found on the Fox News website. There are other websites that have their short biography, but only with the information she has revealed

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