Alexi Mccammond Bio,Trump,Tweets,Education

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Alexi Mccammond Bio,Trump,Tweets,Education

Alexi Mccammond Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Alexi McCammond is a passionate broadcaster who paves her way to the top through hard work and commitment. She is a news editor and reporter with a strong interest in politics, which is reflected in her career profile. McCammond is still an aspiring journalist, but he is undoubtedly one to watch out for in the industry. Here are lesser-known facts about the great journalist in the news business.


Alexi McCammond (MSNBC) – Organic


Alexi McCammond is an Illinoisian whose exact date of birth has not yet been announced. However, she is believed to have been born in 1994. She is one of Shelli McCammond’s three children and a father whose name the journalist has not shared with the public. The only information McCammond has revealed about her father is that he is an African-American who rises at 6 feet 3 inches. Alexi and her siblings, a brother Braxton and a sister Aubyn, grew up in a Chicago suburb.


According to Alexis’ academic records, she attended Guilford High School in Rockford. As an ambitious young woman, she dreamed of becoming a doctor in the future, but when her family began to suffer financial shortages in her young year, that dream seemed really far-fetched. McCammond, an upbeat student, applied to three colleges after graduating from high school, including the University of Chicago and two other Ivy League universities – Yale and Brown. Luckily, Alexi received an offer from the University of Chicago in 2011 that her family called a “lottery win.” The burden of paying tuition fees, housing and books were taken off the shoulder with a four-year stipend worth ‘60,000 a year.



Alexi McCammond started working as a student to feed herself through school. Her first job was as an internal political reporter at The Gate Undergraduate Political Review. He next worked as a digital editor and freelance political writer at Cosmopolitan Magazine. After college, Alexi got a job at Bustle. She joined the online magazine as a political and news reporter in 2016 and quickly rose to the position of an associate news editor. Because of her strong interest in the political scene, McCammond was tasked with covering the 2016 presidential debates for media representation. Alexi left Bustle in 2017 and is currently a political editor and deputy editor for the American media company Axios.


Alexi McCammond is an up-and-coming broadcaster who has had good experience in his young career. In addition to her stations on various networks, she has also appeared on other screens. As a media personality, she has worked for a New York radio station such as WNYC, MSNBC, Fox Business, a Washington-based ABC subsidiary WJLA, and several television documentaries. She also hosted a 2016 short series Love, Factually.


Is she with someone, who is her boyfriend?


Alexi McCammond and Rob Groulx


Since the great journalist can be seen on our screens, fans have been curious about who the man is in her life. Although Alexi McCammond has not officially revealed details of her love life, our research shows that she is currently in a romantic relationship with Washington-based filmmaker Rob Groulx.


It’s unclear exactly when the lovebirds became an object, but their social media reports suggest it won’t be any later than 2017. The couple has apparently found love in each other’s arms and has no hesitation in sharing their romance on social media.


More facts about Alexi McCammond




The beautiful journalist stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch tall. Details of her weight and other body measurements have not been released.


Social media


Alexi McCammond is active not only in the traditional media but also in social media. It has a large fan base on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Animal lovers


The transmitter loves animals and cares for a dog (dwarf schnauzer named Marlin) as a pet.


Wealth (income and earnings)


Alexi McCammond is undoubtedly a hard-working, ambitious journalist to watch out for in the industry. Although her exact income is not known, it is believed that she has amassed a decent fortune and can afford a pleasant life.