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Who is Alecia Demner? alecia ‘mixi’ demner. American singer/songwriter founder and singer in the metal band Stitched Up Heart.

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Stitched Up Heart has a new approach to releasing new music. The second album, “Darkness”, will be released in the spring of 2020, but three new songs – featuring accompanying lyrics – are already available, including “Lost” with a guest appearance by Godsmack’s Sully Erna. Singer Alecia “Mixi” Demner says the plan is to give each song on the record a similar treatment in the run-up to its release. The band is now on the move and is promoting the new tracks of the Firestorm Tour, co-headliner Like Like Storm and Through Fire, as well as with Wilson. After the performance of Stitched Up Heart at Fish Head Cantina in Halethorpe, Maryland, Greg Maki of Live Metal spoke with Mixi to discuss the new songs and more.

LIVE METAL: Normally, when I do interviews, it takes a few hours for the show, so I never get the question: “How was the show?”

ALECIA “MIXI” DEMNER: Today was actually great. We played in Fish Head Cantina in 2015 with Like a Storm, so it was a full circle. We came back and it felt like we were literally teleporting or taking something to the past, or a time machine. It was crazy. Yes, it was a lot of fun.

I’ve seen Stitched Up Heart a few times now and I noticed again tonight that your headbanging form is excellent.

Really? Oh thank you. (laughs) I’m not going to say I practiced all the way in front of the mirror, but I practiced all the way in front of the mirror. For the songs, there are certain parts that I know I can just headbang them. It’s like I don’t have to focus too much on my voice here. To me, I’m a terrible dancer, so instead of just dancing around or doing something weird, I think: here I’m going to headbang. I don’t know how to dance, so I’m just going to bang my head. It’s like dancing to me.

You talked about it a little bit on stage, but how’s the tour going so far?

It was super chill. Everybody’s just hanging out. Like a Storm and Through Fire share a bus, and we always take pictures for their bus, just like ours, with people. I don’t always like to go on people’s buses and they keep inviting us. And I said, “But I’m uncomfortable.” They’re like, “Just come at any moment.”” I was like, “I’m not coming with your bus. That’s your private time. ” There are 12 people on that bus. I was like, “I don’t want to get in the way.” Then show the last couple, they said, “No, just come up.” So now I just come up every night. I said, “You know you just started something terrible. I’ll be here at the same time every night. ” They say, “Yes, come up!” and I said, “Aren’t you tired?” (laughs) They get up with the early acoustic things at the radio stations and stuff. I slept in til 2 today. It was pretty nice. (laughs)

Wilson’s boys seem like a lot of fun, too. Did you hang out with them?

They are. They’re really cool. Earlier today we did this little video thing with them, and I pretended to be James (Lascu), their bass player. I thought, “Hello, I’m James. I play bass for Wilson. “And he said:” I’m Mixi and I sing for Stitched Up Heart. ” And I’m like, “Do you want to trade? I want to play bass. At one of these shows, I’m going to see if he can come for a song, and I’m coming for a song. Maybe I’ll learn the bass for one of their songs.

Are you playing an instrument?

Yes. I haven’t practiced any of their songs, but bass isn’t that hard. Stick to the ground tone and make a few nice little runs or something here and there. But yes, that’s what we were talking about, I’ve been joking about it before, but I doubt it’s going to really happen. Who knows. We’ll see.

You’ve released three new songs so far. The first was Lost.

Yes, we have Sully.

What’s that song about?

Well, it’s crazy because I didn’t realize what I was writing about when I wrote it. And when the words all came out of me a little bit – and I feel like that’s the most natural thing, if you have almost no plan, it just comes true – I listened back to my lyrics and heard how lost I really was in my mind. I didn’t even realize that we’re all so stuck in this little space in our heads or in our phone or whatever – but ultimately in our heads. It’s hard to step back and look here and be here. Like, we’re here and I feel like I live here and now on the road. Today I know where I am. Tomorrow I’ll know where I’m going, and I know where I was yesterday. So I’m alive now, because I know this is happening now, step by step. But often we get so caught up in our minds that sometimes it’s almost a prison cell.