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Adam Frasch Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Adam Frasch?

Dr. Adam Frasch, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in January of this year for murdering his wife, Samira. To this day, Frasch claims He’s innocent of the Crime.

The couple met while Frasch parted from his second wife. Samira’s best friend, Jackie Watson, tells the Crime Watch Daily that Samira was a successful model in Paris when she met Adam. “she was going up. Before becoming a mother, Samira always wanted to have a career as a singer and was a good singer. ”

On the surface, the couple seemed very much in Love. In fact, their marriage was plagued by extramarital cases and violence. Florida State prosecutor Jason Newlin’s office researcher is reported as saying, “all I can say, he [his relationship] was pretty violent – physical abuse, verbal Abuse. Mental for Sure. You know, and Adam had multiple girlfriends.


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