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Aaron Gilchrist

Aaron Gilchrist Bio, Net Worth, Birthday & Age


Who is Aaron Gilchrist?

Aaron Gilchrist is an American-won Emmy Award and morning anchor at NBC News 4 Today in Washington.

He is known for his calm and collective behavior, even as he reports last minute news such as the Belter Sniper Attack in 2002, Hurricane Katrina or the mass shootings of Virginia Tech, Las Vega and Orlando.
Gilchrist also reported on the Iowa Caucus and the National Democratic convention of Philadelphia leading up to the presidential election in 2016. He also covered the funeral of President Ronald Reagan.

Family history and education:

Born in 1980, Gilchrist was originally from Queens, new York, but moved to Richmond as a child.
He attended Richmond Community High School before going to Virginia Commonwealth University. He graduated in mass communication.
He later also taught some journalism courses at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Employment, career, salary and net worth:

Gilchrist began his broadcasting career as a table assistant WWBT-NBC 12, Richmond in 1999. He worked his way, finally getting a place as a morning anchor in 2004.
His calm behavior and growing popularity attracted attention. He was offered the place in the WRC-NBC 4, but initially rejected the offer. He was persuaded to join the channel in March 2010, where he was the morning anchor of the weekend and general mission reporter.
He took over as morning anchor at News 4 in 2012, presenting with Eun Yang.

Charity work:

Aaron supports juvenile organizations like Brothers of Super stars (BOSS) and often gives time to read to children in schools. He also participated in Washington’s sleepout at the Covenant House in 2016 to raise awareness about the lack of housing.

Personal life and interesting curiosities:

Aaron is very fond of theater, especially musicals. His social media showed the theater plays of the Wiz, Jesus Christ Superstar and Motown. He mentioned that he watched Les miserable three times. He also supports the local theater.
Gilchrist’s favorite drink is coffee and he also has a sweet tooth. He especially likes chocolate; Always having a variety of snacks during the broadcast. He definitely felt he was suffering when News 4 had sugar-free week in season one year.

He’s a big fan of the singer, John Legend.
Gilchrist is also a Trekkie, ie he is a fan of Star Trek, lining up to be the first in line to receive the commemorative stamps of 50 years of Star Trek. He used the Starfleet insignia as cufflinks when he watched the Star Trek movie.
He admits he hardly cooks, sometimes only 5 to 6 times a year. He tried to cook in the Hellofresh packages and was satisfied with the results. Gilchrist’s Choice breakfast is pancakes.
He wore his high school class ring every day, even during transmission. He said he feels a little disoriented if he forgets to use it.
Gilchrist likes the Muppet bear Fozzie. He has a Fozzie mug on his desk and when it was his one-year anniversary, the team gave him a cake with a Fozzie Bear cake pie.
With a sense of humour; Aaron usually posts a picture of a guy making a big jet out of the door on most Fridays.


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